HSI-Day 19-Media Consumerism and Social Media Marketing

Today we watched a PBS front line episode talking about social media and marketing, how companies use their consumers to market their products via social media. After we discussed advertising and the effects it has on “Generation Like”. The video appeared to be biased, making it seem like as we share and like these companies posts, we’re not realizing that we’re helping them advertise, but in reality most of us know. And we’re at least partially aware of all the planning that goes on behind the scenes. Some of the people who gain internet fame use this kind of thing to help them get ahead. Then it turns into their livelihood. Our generation is generally obsessed with getting likes and shares and gaining social media stardom. Those who do make it that far gain sponsorships from various companies, as long as they endorse them. Using social media is a creative way to advertise, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In the end most of us know that everyone is just trying to make money.

HSI-Day 11-Media Literacy

Every day we’re exposed to some sort of media. In the morning when you wake up, one of the first things you do is check your phone, right? Maybe you go scroll through Facebook or Instagram, or go watch your friends Snapchat stories. That’s usually how my morning starts. Throughout the rest of the day our phones or other electronic devices aren’t the only media we’re exposed to. If you drive to work or school, you will probably be mindlessly listening to the radio, especially if you have a bit of a drive. Radios throw all sorts of random news out. Maybe there’s something about two celebrities who broke up, or it’s giving a summery of some politicians speech from the night before. After you get home from school or work, turning on the T.V. and relaxing for a little while sounds inviting. Or if you live with your parents, maybe they like to watch the five o’clock news.

Most of my media consumption is entertainment. At night I usually look through Instagram, or sometimes I watch movies. Generally, it doesn’t interfere with very much in my life, except when I stay up way later than I should have finishing a movie.

When I’m online, usually I’m just kind of mindlessly reading through and not paying much attention to anything unless there’s something that catches my attention. And most of the time it’s either something funny or something that was in a different world from the other posts. So usually, when I read it I’m paying more attention. Every single day, everyone is exposed to media in some form, whether it’s directly or indirectly, we’re each influenced by it in different ways.

HSI-Day Nine-Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Cheyenne

Monday the media literacy class took a trip to Cheyenne to visit the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. Across  the country, there are only three of the type of printing press that the WTE uses, and only eleven in the world.

This photo of Cheyenne taken several decades ago.
These books come from the archival library. August 2015 (middle) and May 2015 (bottom).
Wall of advertisements.


Some of the books from 2013 and 2014.
Stacks of newspapers waiting to be made into books.
A cable in a machine.

HSI-Day Five-Vedauwoo

Yesterday the class took a trip to Vedauwoo, a recreation area east of Laramie in the Medicine Bow National Forest.

The flowers out there were beautiful, and they were everywhere.
Cotton ball clouds.
The view off the northeast side
Life must be hard up there.
This little guy definitely likes his almonds.
Looking up a runoff channel.
The bridge over the non-existent creek.


Just In: Fuzzy Wuzzy was actually a caterpillar.
Looking for the sun.

And that little guy is so photogenic he gets to appear twice.

HSI-Day Four-First Photo Session

Today was our first day of photography, we went over to the museum and practiced shooting in low light settings, then we went outside to take pictures in Prexy’s Pasture. Photography is more than just taking a picture. A good photo uses several creative devices.

Creative Devices: Focus, Leading Lines, Color, Texture, Rule of Thirds, Viewpoint
Creative Devices: Leading Lines, Viewpoint, Contrast, Focus
Creative Devices: Texture, Contrast, Color, Rule of Thirds
Creative Devices: Contrast, Focus, Viewpoint
Creative Devices: Texture, Background, Focus


HSI-The First Three Days

Hey everyone, I’m Avery and this is my HSI experience.

Throughout January I heard almost daily announcements for a couple different camps, but never anything about them. So finally I looked into HSI and found it was something I’d like to do. But guess what, the day I checked it out was the last day to submit applications. So at 1 o’clock that afternoon I started a frenzied rush to get a couple of teachers to write recommendations. Then it was on to the paragraphs and essay. For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m terribly slow at writing essays. Finally, after a long six hours spent working on various aspects of the application processes I finished with what I hoped would get me in.

Part of what made me decide to spontaneously make a last minute application was my counselor and I called and asked what the classes were. It turned out that many of the offered classes were very different from what my high school had. As I thought about it more, I realized this would be a good chance to meet a bigger variety of people. After all, HSI has more students than my entire high school.

HSI is fast paced and the first couple days are long. I expected we would always be busy with activities and classes but I didn’t expect just how tired I would be at the end of the day.

After a basic intro into what the class was, we looked at former students blogs. One thing that stuck out to me was how most of then said Vedauwoo was their favorite place. Or others who said to jump right in and do all the activities you can.